Compared to the best convention centers in the world, the modern and flexible structure of Riocentro will be the stage of Geek &Game Rio Festival 2017. With an area served by several public transport options, the venue also has parking capacity for 7,000 vehicles.


Rio de Janeiro and #GGRF2017 have their arms wide open!


After hosting major sporting events, it's time for the pop culture in the wonderful city. The region of Barra da Tijuca, which charmed the world during the Olympics, will host #GGRF2017. Besides the beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, the neighborhood gained a new structure and quality public transport which will make your way to Riocentro much easier.

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Access information:

In 2016, Riocentro received 2 BRT stations (Olof Palme and Riocentro) in front of its main gate. So, tourists and residents from all parts of the city will have easy access to the venue.


Via South Zone

Just ride the subway through line 4, until Jardim Oceânico BRT Terminal Station. Arriving at your destination, look for the exit providing access to BRT and go straight ahead to the Olympic Centre Terminal. Once it is done, you only need to transfer towards Riocentro. The travel time on BRT is approximately 25 minutes.


Via the City Centre, Santos Dumont Airport and Novo Rio Bus Terminal

From Santos Dumont Airport, Novo Rio Bus Terminal and the City Centre, the best option is VLT, which will take you close to the Carioca and Cinelândia subway stations. From there, you can ride the subway and reach Jardim Oceânico station in Barra da Tijuca and use BRT according to the guidelines above.


For those arriving at Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeao), it is highly recommended to use BRT via Transcarioca expressway. This way, you will go to the Alvorada Bus Terminal and then just transfer towards Riocentro.


Via West Zone

Use BRT via Transoeste expressway to reach the Recreio Bus Terminal. Arriving at the site, you just need to go to the Riocentro station.


Via North Zone

Residents and visitors should choose BRT Transcarioca to go to Curicica station and have access to transport to Riocentro.

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Subway Lines 1 and 2 (North and South Zones)

Subway Line 4 facilitated access of north and south zones residents to Barra da Tijuca. Now, those coming from Tijuca, City Centre and other regions may go to the General Osório Subway Station in Ipanema, and transfer to Line 4, which goes to Barra da Tijuca (with a 13-minute estimated time of arrival) and at this location there is access to BRT to Riocentro.


Residents and visitors from regions such as Pavuna, Irajá, among others, may also have this convenience. They only need to go to the Botafogo subway station, transfer to line 2, which leads to the General Osório station in Ipanema, and from there they can go to Jardim Oceânico subway station.

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The main access roads to Riocentro,  Avenida Ambassador Abelardo Bueno and Avenida Salvador Allende, were duplicated and now have  5 lanes in each direction. The project has improved traffic flow and the capacity of traffic at the busiest hours. It will certainly facilitate the going and coming to the #GGRF2017.


Every neighborhood has numerous alternatives to get to Riocentro. New routes were created and the main access to Barra da Tijuca, South Zone was also duplicated. The new Elevated Road of Joá has increased road capacity in the region by 30% and facilitated the circulation of 85,000 vehicles daily in the region.


For those who come directly from Galeão Airport, there is also an easy way to reach Riocentro. You just need to drive through red or yellow line, and both highways lead the driver to Riocentro in a practical and fast way. 

Those who choose for the bus will also have easy access to Riocentro. Multiple bus lines take you to the venue. Check it out:

Via Downtown
From Castelo, bus lines 352 (Riocentro x Castelo x Riocentro), 368 (Castelo x Riocentro) and 348 (Riocentro x Candelária) take you to the venue and drop you off at bus stops which are close to the gates of Riocentro.

Leaving the Bus Station, you have bus lines 302 (Rodoviária [Bus Station] x Alvorada) and via Central do Brasil, the buses 309 (Central x Alvorada) and 317 (Central x Alvorada).

Via South Zone
South Zone dwellers will be able to use the integrated lines 1 and 2 (Rio Sul x Alvorada) to Terminal Alvorada and then go to Riocentro using the BRT.

Via North Zone
For North Zone dwellers, the best option is bus line 613, which leaves from Nova América shopping mall and it has stops near the venue. Also at the shopping mall, passengers may also choose line 611, which has its final stop close to Riocentro.

Via West Zone
West Zone dwellers can choose lines 800A (departing from Taquara), 817A and 827A (from Recreio dos Bandeirantes) and 881 (Jardim Oceânico), which remakes the journey of the extinct LECD10 bus line in Barra da Tijuca. 

Santos Dumont Airport

Praça Senador Salgado Filho, s/n° – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

CEP: 20021-340


+55 (21) 3814-7070

RIOgaleão - International Airport Tom Jobim

Av. Vinte de Janeiro, s/nº

Ilha do Governador - Rio de Janeiro

CEP: 21941-900


+55 (21) 3004-6050

Transport company Real Auto Ônibus offers bus line 2145, which connects with Santos Dumont Airport, International Airport Antonio Carlos Jobim, and operates from 5:30 to 22:30. There is also bus line 2018 linking Galeão Airport (Antonio Carlos Jobim) to Alvorada bus terminal.